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Our Services

Welcome to Cohen IT Services. We offer IT and computer support and repair services to businesses and private users in Manhattan. We specialize in tailoring a solution the right solution to your needs.  

IT Projects
IT Support
Computer Repair

Personalized IT Projects

Specialized in planning and carrying out IT projects.


Committed to making your life easier. We can help you figure out what your business needs are, and apply them in the best and most efficient way.

Network Installation Service

We provide: Network infrastructure installation for your office, Wireless network installation, Re arrangement of server rooms/closets. 

Backup and Recovery

Finding the right backup solution for your business is not always easy and most time overlooked by businesses. Let us help you find the best solution for you, so you can sleep better at night.

Computer Repair

This is one of the most popular services.

We can: Repair PC's / Mac's

      Repair Desktops / Laptops

Remove Viruses

  Upgrade / Replace Hardware

  and much more.

Cohen IT Services

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New York, NY